Paul Kintner

Data Scientist/DevOps Engineer

Paul has a multifaceted background in physics, mechanical engineering, numerical modeling, and glaciology with extensive laboratory experience. He now focuses on laboratory testing of heat pump water heaters, and maintaining software for simulating heat pump water heaters in single family and multifamily residences. Now he leads the development of software for automated designing of heat pump water heater systems in multifamily buildings. He has expertise in using Excel, Python, R, and C++. In addition he works with and develops the SEEM energy simulation software to model residential energy use for Washington and Oregon code analysis.

M.S., Earth & Space Sciences
Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology
University of Washington, 2017

B.S., Mechanical Engineering
B.S., Physics and Astronomy
Minor in Mathematics
University of Rochester, 2013

Long-distance running
Alpine and XC skiing
Board games