Two of our researchers presented their findings at the August ACEEE summer study at Asilomar:

In Design for Off: Key Mechanical Engineering Design Features for Significant Energy Savings Jon Heller gave away all of Ecotope’s secrets for how to engineer highly energy efficient commercial buildings. He shared what we are seeing in audits of typical commercial buildings, then looked at some of our case study efficient buildings and picked out the key design features that made the difference.

Ben Larson describes how much energy is currently being used by household appliances as metered in the households in Is Your Refrigerator Running? Energy Use and Load Shapes for Major Household Appliances. Further, he presents time-of-use information in the form of load shapes. The load shapes are critical to understanding how new appliance designs can integrate into a smarter grid and demand response (DR) programs, while interacting with home owners in novel ways. The shapes are becoming increasingly crucial to informing the national standard settings process as time-of-use becomes as important as annual energy savings.